• Transportation

    Pace's ADA Paratransit Service provides origin-to-destination transportation to ADA Paratransit eligible individuals who are unable to use accessible mainline and rail service due to their disabilities. Pace ADA Paratransit is a shared-ride program, meaning that multiple individuals' trips are grouped together in an effort to meet all trip requests and improve efficiency. 

    To determine eligibility for ADA Paratransit, you will need to call (312)663-HELP (4357) between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday-Friday and Register. Once registered, customers will be mailed an application. Complete the application as thoroughly as possible and call Paratransit at (312) 663-HELP (4357) to schedule an in-person interview.

    You may also check with your local municipalities or townships for local dial-a-ride programs.