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About Us

Hopewell Academy is a nonpublic therapeutic day school that serves high school and transition students with emotional and social challenges, each with a current Individual Education Plan. Hopewell has six high school classrooms and two transition classrooms serving up to 80 students. We believe that the purpose of education is to facilitate the development of the potential of each student, especially those students with extra challenges. We feel that each of our students can overcome those challenges and become happy and successful members of the community.

Hopewell provides our students with relevant and rigorous academic instruction, supportive and empowering therapeutic support, and meaningful and effective vocational support. This allows our students to become self-sufficient individuals able to meet their own needs in a way that supports not just their opportunities but also supports the opportunities of others. Our staff members include licensed special educators, paraprofessionals, therapists, and job coaches who provide good modeling and respectful engagement of students. 

While our classroom instruction and therapeutic group and individual therapy provide the foundation for our students to overcome individual challenges, our vocational program equips students with a solid base to develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to succeed in the workforce and pursue fulfilling careers in their chosen fields.