Welcome Perspective Parents and Guardians

  • Welcome to Hopewell Academies! Hopewell is a private therapeutic day school that provides a full range of support for students who struggle with any combination of learning difficulties, emotional challenges, and/or transition obstacles. Our teachers are specially trained to address academic shortfalls through individualized instruction in small classrooms with a 5:1 staff/student ratio. Our therapists are experienced in supporting a wide-range of emotional problems that adolescents face utilizing group therapy, art therapy, and individual therapy. Our vocational staff provides unparalleled guidance and support through career exploration, job training, internships, paid employment and various other community-based opportunities. We work together as an entire staff to surround our students with the integral pieces of support to make sure all of our students receive meaningful academic instruction, beneficial emotional support, and purposeful career development. Regardless of the severity of our students' challenges, we expect all of our students to lead happy and productive lives in their communities. We work hard every day to make this result a reality.