• Classroom Layout and Learning

    Hopewell will provide individual backpacks for students to store their educational materials. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own supplies (pens, pencils, calculator, etc.) to minimize sharing. Students are assigned specific desks to use while in the classroom.  Desks are placed at least 6 feet apart and face the same direction to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff.  Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the school day and thoroughly sanitized each night. 

    Common Areas

    No large student gatherings will be allowed.  Every effort will be made to minimize the size of student groups. There will also be signage throughout the school reminding students to wash their hands frequently, maintain social distancing, and to avoid congregating in hallways or common areas. Directional arrows and distancing reminders have been placed on the floor throughout the building to ensure social distancing. When students need to use the restroom, they will be required to use hand sanitizer before leaving the classroom.  Students will be escorted individually to the restroom and will be required to use hand sanitizer again before reentering the classroom. Bathrooms and other common areas will be disinfected and cleaned by maintenance staff throughout the day.


    While we encourage students to bring individual lunches from home, Hopewell will still provide student lunches to students who purchase a lunch or qualify for free or reduced lunch. Our food service employees are taking extra precautions to minimize potential health risks, which includes extra cleaning and sanitation of preparation areas, the use of individualized boxed lunches, and providing single use utensils. We recognize it will be difficult for students to wear face coverings during lunch, so Hopewell is scheduling individual classrooms to eat in larger areas (gymnasium, outdoors, the great hall) as often and as safely as possible.