• Career Interest Inventories

    Career Interest Inventories

    Staff administers various career assessments which can help a student identify potential career interests and skill levels.

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  • Career Research

    Career Research

    Once a career interest has been identified, students work closely with the vocational staff to research specific job requirements for that field.

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  • College and Trade School Tours

    College and Trade School Tours

    Students attend various college and trade school tours to help educate them on enrollment opportunities.

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  • Financial Education

    Financial Education

    Students participate in various activities including opening a checking or savings account, balancing a checkbook, identifying how much to spend versus how much to save, how to pay utilities and rent, etc.

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  • Healthy Living and Hygiene

    Healthy Living and Hygiene

    Staff encourages students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice good hygiene.

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  • Individualized Portfolios

    Individualized Portfolios

    Every student has a vocational binder that includes assessment results, a resume, cover letters, and logs to assist them in their career or job search.

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  • Internships


    Students participate in on-the-job training to assist them in learning basic job skills, work ethic, and social skills.

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  • Job Shadows

    Job Shadows

    Once career interests have been identified, staff arranges for students to spend a period of time following an employee in the field, in order to better understand the duties and responsibilities of the occupation.

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  • Locating and Supporting Paid Employment

    Locating and Supporting Paid Employment

    Staff members assist students in obtaining paid employment by researching job opportunities, completing job applications, dropping off resumes in the community, developing interview skills, and aid students with follow up phone calls.

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  • Maintaining a Daily Schedule

    Maintaining a Daily Schedule

    Students work to become responsible for utilizing calendars or technology to maintain their own daily schedule.

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  • Resume Building

    Resume Building

    Each student builds a resume and works with staff on maintaining and updating the resume as needed.

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  • ServSafe Class

    ServSafe Class

    Students interested in pursuing a position in the food industry are welcome to participate in the ServSafe class to obtain the Illinois Food Handler’s Certificate. This certificate is now required in the State of Illinois to work in most food-related establishments.

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  • Transportation


    Students become familiar with various forms of public transportation and learn how to utilize them in their community.

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  • 1:1 Job Coaching

    1:1 Job Coaching

    When necessary, students may receive individual support from job coaches to assist them in becoming independent in a work setting.

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