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Therapeutic Support

At Hopewell, we offer therapy in both group and individual settings. Our approach, known as eclectic or multi-modal therapy, allows us to tailor our methods to meet each student's unique needs effectively. We primarily utilize cognitive-behavioral and systems therapies.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on solutions and challenges distorted thoughts and behaviors to improve students' well-being. We help students identify harmful thoughts, assess their accuracy, and develop strategies to overcome them, promoting healthier perspectives and behaviors.

Systems therapy helps groups understand how each member's role affects group dynamics. Through constructive dialogue, students build positive relationships, fostering overall well-being. By examining group dynamics, communication, and behavior, students learn to recognize and change behaviors that benefit both themselves and the group.               

  • BASC Testing and Interpretation                      
  • Individualized Therapy                       
  • Group Therapy
  • Individualized Behavior Assessments
  • Experienced Licensed Therapy Staff
  • Art Therapy